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Thursday, 13 December 2007


cacophony - n. - chaotic noise, resulting from the girls' delight in every sample song on a keyboard, often playing two or more samples simultaneously.

Goaliemom graciously let us take home a keyboard that she would not be using. I was excited at the possibility of having a source to enter my music in MIDI format. Hooray! No longer will I have to enter my songs by clicking up and down on the staff in the music software. I can play it and have it wonderfully, instantly, show up. What a time saver it would be!

I forgot that every keyboard comes with a series of sample songs to show you the different sounds available. I also didn't realize that they could play more than one at once. So right now I'm hearing 80's-style TV show theme song-type music interspersed with some salsa thing that sounds like the Dora the Explorer song, and a banjo playing bluegrass. It is ... interesting. It's punctuated with cries of "ooh! Listen to this! Hey, how did you do that? Hahaha!" until the girls' speaking and laughing becomes like one more sample track in the mix. Oh, listen, flamenco guitar. Who knew?

It's loud, confusing, and somewhat endearing.

Meanwhile, I plan to escape downstairs to finish up some baking started last night. Florentines were being made at a dizzying rate, and stolen by D at a pace that was itself alarming. But he gets that little smile on his face when he steals them that makes me laugh, and oddly enough one seemed to break every time he walked by the cooling rack. Funny, that. Today is sandwich style cookies.

Oh, and band rehearsal tonight. George of the Jungle, here I come.

On the keyboard front, the Mexican salsa is being joined by waves on the seashore and a sax rock thingy, and birds chirping. It's like Salvador Dali does music.


sue said...

You know he's smiling at such enjoyment coming from his keyboard.

barb said...

oh yes.