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Thursday, 6 December 2007


Today seems to be under the attack of 'stuff'.

There is much to do for tonight's rehearsal; charting songs for next week's kids' musical numbers will take some time. I'm not leading this week as the girls and I head out to visit goaliemom and hubby for a few days.

I need to pack for that, since tomorrow is basically a writeoff for work at home. Last day of JPP and we're invited to see the kids and meet the teachers in the afternoon. Dance class tomorrow night.

Tomorrow's JPP is a fun 'superhero day' where the kids get to dress up. Costume ... hmm. How will we swing that?

I have to decide about timing and place to record the theme song from the conference. I have vain hopes that it will be done before Christmas. Listening to some samples today. Quality would be good but speed is also a factor. Oh, yeah, and cost. Studio time is not cheap.

My head hurts; I think it's some residual from last night's migraine. I wonder if spending two hours with my feet facing the front of the tractor and my head looking at the back of the tractor?

Christmas decorations are spread here and there. Attempts to keep all orderly was disrupted by three little girls' excitement.

But inside me, under the stuff, I still am happy and looking forward to the holidays. Last night's addressing Christmas cards by the fire with Bing Crosby on the CD was a nice break. Well, until UFC came on. Not exactly peaceful.

The girls are up, M has happily gotten Willow the hamster out of her cage and tells me she's singing 'We Wish you a Merry Christmas', but the voice sounds oddly like M's.

On to the day and all its stuff.

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