I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


This place is so pretty under a white blanket. I know I'll be longing for the lush green again before the winter's out, but it's all so pretty with a new cover laid down last night. The girls are itching to get out and make footprints all over the pristine lawn. I am thinking, not so much itching, that I need to get the snow chains on the tractor and hook up the snow blower attachment.

The birds are excitedly hopping around the suet and seed we put out, and are proving a huge distraction to lessons - but are in themselves an opportunity to learn, so I try to keep some semblance of focus with the girls but can understand the gazes shifting from paper and French lessons to the chickadees and blue jays who arrive for the feast. The verb conjugation just can't compete.

But what is learning if only confined to books? Sure, some things must be read about. Case in point: R and A are both enjoying reading about Alexander the Great right now, and since a trip to Asia Minor and ancient Macedonia is not in the cards, books are our best bet.

Much as we want certain academic standards, one very important goal in our home schooling is for the girls to love learning, to ask 'why?' and know how to find answers, to appreciate and be thankful for the things of life that we too often overlook. So much can be learned by patient observation. So some days, I chuck the lesson plan so we can get out and experience life, not just read about it.

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