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Saturday, 29 December 2007

merry merry

"I was making rather merry yesterday, sir." (Bob Cratchit)

Christmas has come and gone, the kids now out playing in last night's new snow. The gifts were not as numerous as in past years, but that didn't matter. The time with family was key this year, with Dad and Mom staying here for a week and back-and-forth visits with Bee and family. Guests Serendipity and family for Christmas dinner and Boxing Day brunch was an awesome addition.

R and A were so excited about their gifts - real compound bows to use at next summer's archery lessons (though there have been a few outings to practice with Daddy, and much fun was had there). M squealed when she opened her My Little Pony sets.. The girls gave me a gallon of paint and a coupon for help from three little painters, to finish our bedroom. Their own idea and I was pleased with the practicality as well as the thoughtfulness. D once again established his position as fashionista for me, picking up a few awesome items that fit and looked great. How does he do it? For a big hockey player/hunter kind of guy, he does awfully well at it. I was duly impressed.

The week since has consisted of days with the kids playing with toys (and weapons, counting the bows!), hanging out with Dad & Mom, and just sort of enjoying the kind of week that has very little responsibility and even less schedule. It's nice to sit and think, "what day is it, again?". I do enjoy those weeks.

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