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Friday, 7 December 2007


The stuff hasn't gone away, but I feel more on top of it now. Sort of like when I'm down at the creek, by the pile of wood we have stacked (mostly dumped by the tractor bucket) and I walk on top of the 6-foot-high pile looking for likely candidates for the fire. I'm on top but I have to watch my step or I'll be in a hole up past my knees.

Last night was a marathon band rehearsal, working on Sunday's stuff (well, I listened to that as I'm away Sunday. I realized it's good for me to sit back and listen to the band without playing/singing. I hear more) and then pushing on to learn six songs for the kids' musical next weekend. They're cute little songs but I got the giggles when one part sounded an awful lot like the 'George of the Jungle' theme song. Well, not an awful lot. Exactly like. Drum beats, chords, everything. I couldn't stop laughing. Another one is Christmas carols to a Latin beat - also fun and kind of amusing.

The girls' costumes for today's JPP seemed to be a bust until they got a bit creative and so R is 'bike girl', all decked out in a cycling shirt, helmet, and my cycling glasses, and A is 'Christmas girl' complete with red cozy socks, Santa hat, and other decoration stuff. They've even made up some super powers that they have. Way to go, girls! M and I are home this morning but then will head in. We plan to finish up a few things here, though she ran for it when I wrote "tickle M" on the list. Time to go catch her.

After all, even when there's stuff to be done some things take precedence. Right now cuddling with a cute little girl who's wearing My Little Pony socks is high on the priority list.

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sue said...

good priorities!