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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

visiting pierre-auguste

With the kids in day camp this week and goaliemom visiting, she and I got to spend the day in such pursuits as exploring the Byward Market, going into shops, having a leisurely lunch, and taking in the Renoir Landscapes exhibit at the National Art Gallery.

I discovered a few things:
1. Renoir's work has a great deal of variety to it, some paintings vastly different from the others. It was interesting to see his style vary through the exhibit.

2. I prefer Monet's works, this going from my memories of the Monet exhibit in 2002.

3. I did not realize that a bunch of these artists (Renoir, Monet, and others) were all friends at the time - what a collection of people that must have been! I wonder if they had any idea what their works would become. Not likely.

4. Even the great masters sometimes fired off paintings for money - I noticed that many of the paintings had been done for his selling agent. Artists had to live too, I guess.

5. I just don't get modern abstract art. Sorry. Goaliemom and I went through that part of the gallery after the Renoir part and our general reaction was, "huh?"

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