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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

camping and cow chasing

Last night we set up the tent in the yard, had a campfire and fed the local mosquito population quite well. It was a bit chilly but the girls loved it. This morning I woke to the sound of cows mooing and something didn't sound quite right about it - the location was wrong. But hey, it was 4:30 and the brain wasn't completely awake yet, right? So I got up around 6:45, let out the chickens, started a little fire and put the coffee pot on the camp stove (campfire coffee is one of the things I love about camping), and thought about breakfast: scrambled eggs with basil and chives, bacon, maybe a bit of oatmeal. Then I heard it again: definitely mooing, definitely from our neighbours' place. They don't have cows. Uh oh. I walked over to the fence between the trees and saw them - the cows from our property, happily munching away in the neighbours' field. Great.

After a trip to the chicken coop to grab some grain in a pail I walked through to their property and started banging on the pail and yelling "ho,ho" - the farmer has trained them to come to that. So between "ho, ho" and "come on, you stupid bovines", they realized that I had the magic pail and started trotting my way. I felt a bit like the pied piper, walking along with the herd trailing behind. After a bit of backtracking, heading them off away from my veggie garden, and some more grain, we have them all in the field. All was greatly helped by D, who caused something of a stampede when they realized he had not one, but TWO lovely buckets of grain and set out to follow him.

I did manage fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, but my coffee was a burnt little residue at the bottom of the pot.


Bee said...

you should start a new venture- campground and rodeo-style cow round ups. The city folks would eat that up. ... oh, and while you're here come and pet our rabid raccoon

Jennifer said...

oh that's priceless.