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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

useful farm tip #58

When a herd of cattle escapes and trots down the creek and you go after them with a bucket of grain to entice them back, wear something a little less open than crocs over bare feet. Eeeww. Why is my foot suddenly slippery inside my shoe? Oh.

The chase was accomplished, with a few slightly tense moments as the excited herd (30 plus if you include the calves, and since they each are weighing more than me, I include them) realized that grain was to be had back at their fenced area and started galloping back. Cows do gallop, you know. And they like to kick up their heels while they do it. It looks very amusing unless they are doing it a few feet away from you - then it's unnerving. I was recalling the stampede scene in The Lion King for a bit there.

And I must confess that as I ran after them, trying to watch for the all-too obvious evidence that they had passed this way, and not always succeeding (see the first paragraph), my mind had two distinct channels: "grumble grumble, stupid cows, I'm trying to make supper here and they have to go for a walk" and "wheee! this is fun!"

I did smile. That part of me usually gets me to smile. She's funny that way.

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