I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

sitting on the edge

Lately I've been feeling like we're on the verge of something. Though the farm cleanup will never end, I find us doing much more along the lines of tossing ideas out - ideas that could be acted on soon. It's a strangeish sensation. There's talk of farmers' markets for produce (more for fun and experience for R than any real income), the goats are still on the radar, and I've been tidying up the coop some more and looking at the empty stall thinking on modifying it to house some chicks to be raised for meat birds.

That idea appeals to me - meat birds generally are only raised to 12-15 weeks old, then off they go to return in freezer bags. There would be no getting too attached to them as pets, we'd still have our hens for laying, and I would know precisely what conditions they have been raised under. The last point very much appeals to me: no caged living, no pumping them full of antibiotics or steroids or goodness knows what. They would be free-range, organically fed and grown chickens. I need to look into cost feasibility for it but the benefits are certainly there.

And then, on a completely unrelated tack, there's my music. Studio prep continues in my head, legalities must be completed, money must be found. But there's some sitting on the edge feeling there too.

The view is nice, sitting on the edge, but it's such a broad vista. Which way to go?


Jennifer said...

wait. wait for God. remember? no passive rebellion!
i'd buy chickens off you...

sue said...

One of the very cool things about God is that He sometimes gives us possiblities, in which there is no "righter" thing. All are good, all are right. He lets us choose the desire of our hearts. He says, "What do you want most?" and lets us go for it. I love that. It is a broad vista. Enjoy the view.

Ladybug said...

I would buy chicken from you too! Easy to deliver when you think about it... we are from the same church!