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Monday, 12 February 2007

weekend recap

Is it Monday already?

Saturday was a blur of car races; R's mummy case did not get a prize (though her completely unbiased mother thought it should have). But that's the joy of contests for design, it's all subjective. Speed, however, does not lie and A's car finished second overall, much to the delight of both her and R. My favorite thing of the whole morning was seeing A be gracious in winning and R being gracious in not winning. We have tried to teach the girls to be good sports whether winning or losing, and to see it in action is encouraging.

The afternoon's high-speed online searching also went well and, as with most good research, opened the door to many more questions that R will need to address for her historical fair project. Her topic is the history of the regiment in which her great-grandfather served in the second World War.

Sunday was good, playing with my awesome team of a band, an amazingly talented group of musicians who have a great time together. Then it was lunch at an old family restaurant in town (the sort of place that you can picture design people from those restaurant makeover shows walking in and shuddering, but the food is good and the service has that friendly, homey feeling that's missing from so many places today).

And today I am definitely sick. It's been creeping in all weekend, threatened my voice yesterday, and seems to have won today. 'Tis the season, I guess.

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Jennifer said...

oh dear. that totally sucks. i know it might not mean much now, but you were amazing yesterday, so perhaps it was worth it? take care of yourself, gargle lots of salt water and take your vitamins and chicken soup.