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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

chez glennies

Still slightly sick, but just that sort of annoying sick - not enough to feel great and want to do much, but not enough to be justified in laying low all day.

Tomorrow being Valentine's Day, the girls and I decided to make D a fancy dinner at home. Fun, and cheaper and less crowded than a restaurant. So yesterday we planned the meal for today since tomorrow we may be driving M to visit goaliemom for a little visit. The girls had a blast poring over my cookbooks and we planned a four-course menu that was a bit fancy while being simple enough so that the girls can have a big part in making it. So, the meal tonight at Chez Glennie will be:

Soup: 'Elegant Consomme', a good starter; chicken broth with julienned vegetables
Salad: mixed mesculun with a sweet balsamic vinaigrette (R's speciality)
Main course: Cornish hens in orange glaze, twice-baked potatoes, and fresh green beans
Dessert: 'Angel Pie', chocolate whipped cream in a baked meringue crust, garnished with fresh raspberries
Reservations are required. It is, after all, a pretty exclusive restaurant.

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sue said...

Mmmmm.... sounds yummy!! Quite an extensive menu for your little kitchen. Enjoy the process as well as the meal!