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Friday, 2 February 2007

of new houses and such

This morning is school, quickly done so that we can go to visit J at their new house. It's fun to help out when people are moving into a new house, to see the plans take shape in the air as they describe their ideas and fancies. It's full of excitement, promise, and often fatigue and frustration. So hopefully we can do our little part to encourage the former and alleviate the latter. And, after doing the work, it makes me very happy that we don't plan any moves ourselves in the foreseeable future. So I do it vicariously through others' moves.

It's warmed up a bit (no more frozen eggs) which may call for some time on the creek tomorrow. But there are projects that need doing too; R and A making race cars for the kids' club race in a week, R working on her Historica fair research, and a book report on The Hobbit that R is excited to be doing as it will be both a lesson in doing reports and in power point. We went over storyboarding for the slides yesterday and she has a deadline in two weeks. She can't wait to get to working on the computer. Perhaps if spelling and grammar were on the computer, there would be similar excitement about those!


sue said...

I'm reading about your day as I sit in a Panera Bread Co. store in South Carolina sipping Chai tea latte. Mmmmm. B is on a conference call in the parking lot. About 3 more hours till we reach MB.

Jennifer said...

well, i certainly enjoyed the help of my fanciful ideas and airs. i think you are an awesome friend for helping (especially r,a and m). Thank you for the meat (mmmm) and the support.

Cathy said...

Hey Barb!
I am so glad that you started up a blog!
I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine. I am really like reading what you guys are up to.
Frozen eggs, huh?...

Unknown said...

That's the beauty of spell check. There is grammar on the computer. Good to see you blogging Barb.