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Thursday, 22 February 2007

of zambonis and triathlons

The skating rink did happen, with me snowblowing off a large portion of the creek on Saturday afternoon, then scraping off what the blower didn't get. The five of us had a great time skating until dark. We didn't get out again until Monday afternoon, when some snow had fallen and drifted over the creek. So while the girls skated, I got the shovel and scraped (and scraped, and scraped) off the snow. Got about half of it done. Yes, it may have been quicker to get the blower out again, but frankly hauling that machine through snow up the riverbank took most of the strength I had, and doing it again had little appeal to me.

Yesterday R very much wanted to skate again, so out we went and I finished scraping off the rest of the snow. It was interesting to note that the areas where I had scraped off snow the day before were much smoother than they had been at first - it seems that the sun was melting a bit of the top surface, then it would freeze again. So nature and I were acting as a zamboni of sorts. And, our farm is now truly Canadian with its outdoor rink.

My arms are sore but I figure it's a good start to getting in shape for triathlon season. I plan to do one, maybe two "try-a-tri" races, mini triathlons that would be simple for real triathletes but are a push for me. D had started doing them last year with good friends D & J and did three races, and so I got interested and joined them for one on Labour Day weekend. It was a 200m swim, 15km bike, and 5km run. It was the hardest physical activity I've ever done (well, maybe next to childbirth). Let's say, the hardest physical activity I've ever done in public.

But what a sense of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line! I have always hated running, but it seemed different in the race. I knew 5km would be hard to run on its own, not to mention after the swim and bike. I knew from the limited training I'd done that I would have to run-walk it, so I'd run until I felt like I was going to fall over and then allow myself one minute of walking, then run again. My goal this year is to not walk. I don't have a desire to do longer races (unlike D, who wants to do the Olympic distance this year - not a full Ironman yet but I wonder if he's cooking up that little scheme in that cute head of his), but I do want to do better at that distance. First chance is the Early Bird triathlons series in April or May. The swim will be in a pool at the university, then an 11km bike and 2km run. I can do that, right?

And, scary as it is to admit, I am actually looking forward to training for it.


sue said...

You can do it! I remember when you said you couldn't homeschool. HA! Look at you now! Your ipod will make training for the run so much more enjoyable.

barb said...

*grin* Thanks for the reminder and the vote of confidence.

Hey, why don't you run the race with me? ;-)