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Thursday, 8 February 2007

girls and fast cars

No, not what the title may make you think. Though I still remember with a wistful grin the day we went for a test drive in an '06 Mustang GT convertible last summer. Aaaaah. I don't typically get a big thing out of cars, but that was sweet. So I have a nice amount of mild jealousy and much admiration for goaliemom for their GT, though the admiration really goes far deeper than the car. But I digress.

The day after tomorrow is the kids' club car race - much like a Cub Car sort of thing, they get a block of wood with axles and wheels and design something to go down an inclined track. Prizes are for design and speed, but mostly the idea is to have lots of fun. So, A jumped right in with designing a car that went from being a pickup truck to a Honda to ending up as a police car. It's definitely that, as one can tell from the word 'POLICE' that takes up most of the side. She did it all herself (except for the power tool part, though she was carefully guiding Daddy on that one) and is justifiably happy with it.

R, meanwhile, decided to design hers to be a copy of King Tutankhamun's sarcophagus (the second one, mind you, not the first of third. We must be specific here). Yes. So it's sort of a 'mummy-mobile', I guess, something of a reminder of our fall unit on ancient Egypt. Online we went to find pictures from the Cairo museum, then figured out how to scale it to the block of wood that dear hubby had helped her shape with the belt sander, then decided how to make it a doable interpretation. After all, it's not like we have solid gold lying around the house. It's something I'd seen many photos of but didn't realize just how intricate it is until we started looking at it to copy - the detail of the real thing is exquisite. We worked on it last night and she is also pleased with it. One good comment during the scaling process was when R said "hey, it's an actual use for math!".

Painting must be done today so D can take them to work where an accurate scale can make sure they don't exceed the maximum allowable weight for the race. Research continues as well for R's Hobbit book report and more research to be done on Saturday for the Historical projects, at D's work where there is this wonderful new invention called high-speed Internet. I love the farm, but do not enjoy the dial-up speed that comes with it.


sue said...

Though I have often cheered for police cars to "get their man", I have never cheered for King Tut. I will be cheering for both on Sat.

And you can ride in my GT anytime.

Cathy said...

Sounds like loads of fun!
I hope they did well!