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Monday, 28 April 2008


Here it is, post #200. Goodness, I talk a lot.

Our driveway is becoming more and more smooth. Our long laneway has, from year to year, sprouted potholes that then proceeded to have children and grandchildren, all of whom grew rather quickly. Our slalom down the lane helped for a while until potholes appeared on the alternate routes. Gravel put into the holes helped for a bit, then seemed to be feeding them as they continued to grow.

They are mostly gone now, thanks to D's passes with the tractor and the grading blade. It's like a new, and much less bone-jarring, driveway. After only three times up and back, there is a marked difference. It's a nice change.

This week is school, but the big event is the girls' highland dance exams on Wednesday. I have alterations to make to National dresses, and a blouse to finish. M is doing a sword and a fling, A and R are doing sword, fling, lilt, Flora, and R is also adding a seann tribbhaus and a half hullichan. I never knew, until the girls started dancing, that there were so many that fall under the title of 'highland dance'. I guess it's like that with anything you get involved in - there's more than the casual observer knows. This is our first foray into National dances (lilt, flora, and hullichan), and I must admit that much as I like the kilt/vest look, the white dresses with their tartan sashes are so pretty. The flora has become my favorite dance to watch, so flowing and pretty. It's very different from the sword.

I'm glad we had a good weekend of nice weather and some outside work, with the forecast this week for rain, rain and more rain, and cooler temperatures. All is green outside, and once I have these dresses and exams done I will be turning my attention to some of the gardens and how to reclaim them from the nasty weed that seems to invade all and take over. Perhaps napalm?

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