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Friday, 2 May 2008

the results are in

Exams went well, and I think the girls are just glad that they're done. Now it's on to recital, which is much less precise and the pressure for exactness is off. R scored a Pass Plus and Highly Commended, A scored Commended and Highly Commended, and M was excited to receive Honors, the highest distinction, for her Primary exam.

And to celebrate post #201, the blog has gotten a makeover. Her look was just getting to be too dated.

Today is school and dance class, and our own little version of the Canadian electoral system, acted out with Bionocles and My Little Ponies. R and A are learning about how the government works, different styles of government, and political parties and policies. Today, with talk of federal constituencies and elections, parties and candidates, it will be the Fish party (Bionocles, since apparently they were aquatic for a while) and the Balloon Party (My Little Ponies), in the ridings of the Couch, Kitchen Table, and Piano. A's little bear Redball may run as an Independent candidate. Basically it will be a fun way to learn, but correct enough that when we shift to talking about the real thing, it will still make sense.

It reminds me of the Monty Python sketch about the election between the Sensible Party, the Silly Party, and the smaller Slightly Silly and Very Silly parties ("that's not a result, that's just a bit of gossip"). Election Night Special, here we come.


Heather said...

Very well done girls, I would love to see you dance again sometime.

sue said...

you are so creative!

barb said...

Aw, thanks, GMom. Really, it's just a response to trying to teach something that's (a) a little complicated and (b) outside my areas of interest. I have to make it fun for me, too, or we'll all give up and run outside to play... ;-)