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Friday, 18 April 2008

there's something in my ear

Yeah, same day, two posts. Just the topics were so different, and it sort of makes up for my weeks of silence.
Last night's band rehearsal was the first go at the Aviom in-ear monitor system. It's surreal, since I have the Shure 210 earbuds, which do a very good job of keeping out the live sound, meaning I was mostly only able to hear the feed through the system. So one person's unmic'ed voice right next to me was muffled, while the voice across the room in the mic was as clear as could be. It gives one this sort of displaced feeling.
D said as he drove in it was odd, too, as typically the house is shaking with the amps going (my rule has always been that if plaster starts falling from the ceiling, we're too loud) - but all he was hearing was the piano, sax, and voices as all the guitars and the drums were running through the headphones.

But all that aside, the ability to set my own little monitor mix is wonderful. I was adjusting it on the fly, pulling up the drums or guitars as needed, moving the vocal levels around as different people led different songs. It's a fun toy but one that will help the band's sound be the best it can be.

So, on a first run, I must say I'm liking it. We're going to do a few more times of rehearsal before we take it live, but this is looking (well, sounding) good.

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Jennifer said...

it's almost annoying how photogenic you are....