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Thursday, 17 April 2008

facing facts

I'm getting older. *sigh* I'm happily in denial most of the time, but have found out I should get glasses for reading and computer work.

I tried on approximately four thousand frames and found that most of the ones I really liked were expensive (Versace does make a nice frame) or a style that I liked right now but wasn't sure the affection would last (nice Mexx ones there). I settled on a nice neutral Lacoste frame.

My eyes are still good and fine for driving, but after three migraines in three weeks, and trying to read text that was dancing in front of me, I headed in to the optometrist for my 18-month checkup and he confirmed that, in fact, they would help out with what I was experiencing.

Yesterday was back to the optometrist to finalize the purchase and pay for them. This was after going to the orthodontist for M's impression for her expander appliance and making the down payment on that, then having supper with D and buying some in-ear monitor headphones. So it was ortho/opto/phono day, and big bucks all around.

The 'phones are nice little Shure 210 earbuds which we will be playing with at band rehearsal tonight, to get the feel of it and start playing with levels on our individual monitors before we go on stage and use them there. I feel so very high-tech.

Back to the low-tech, though, for this afternoon. With school work done for the day, I'll be shovelling dirt and chicken manure. What a range of things my life includes.

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Heather said...

That was a pricey day!
I too had to face facts last year when I could not read the instructions on the medicine bottle, the ingredients on the can or the street names in the directory. So I ended up with a pair of glasses that initially I rarely used. Now I seem to have them out every night when my eyes are tired and the print in my book has shrunk.

Like M, my L and A are spending time at the orthodontist while I am just spending money there!

As for the in ear monitors, we have been talking about how nice it would be to have them for the team. I'll be interested to know whether you like them.