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Thursday, 3 April 2008

slowly but surely

Things are changing, bit by bit.

The snow is melting, aided by the April sun's attempts to warm things up. Our sump pump it running about every 15 minutes and we're downstairs twice a day to make sure that the lovely little rivers continue to flow where they should. The creek is going to be high when the surface ice breaks up and leaves.

We were at the orthodontist's office yesterday for the official start to little M's journey into orthodontics. Her upper palate is too narrow, giving her quite a crossbite, so an expanding appliance is in the works. It will be the start of little by little pushing the bones apart so that when they finally do fuse over the next year, they are in the right place and her teeth can be nice and straight. That little bit of joy will be followed by a smaller sport-model one to keep the space intact, and finally some braces to rotate the teeth properly. While the assistant was going over the list of possible results of orthodontics (speech issues, tooth looseness, trouble playing wind instruments), she came to "psychological issues", meaning the whole braces-stigma thing, I guess. We looked at M, who was happily deciding what color braces she would choose, and decided that likely wouldn't be an issue. She has plans for pink and purple ones, "and green and brown if I go hunting with Daddy, for camo." As soon as she found out she could choose colors and change them, she wanted to get the braces right away.

I ran yesterday. Yes, really. I, who hate running but struck up a relationship of mutual tolerance last year, have found myself wanting to run this spring. I think I was missing the way I felt after. Not during, mind you, just after. So, I did a short 1-km run. Nothing much, and not as well as I did before last year's mini-Tri, but better than I started out last year. So, slowly but surely I may get into better shape again this year. I was happy with doing it and did feel good after. It seems I am joining the dark side.

School is continuing and I can see the light of summer break at the end of the tunnel. History is reaching the end of the Middle Ages (Wars of the Roses, Henry V, Richard III of "a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse" fame, the Plague and the end of the Feudal system, the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans who were an empire - not just footstools, as you might have thought), Earth sciences is wrapping up and a potential group study on botany is on the horizon, and the book work is getting into the last 30 or so lessons. My plan this year is to have it all done before we leave for Bean's wedding. Who wants to come back to June, arguably the best month on the farm, after two weeks away, and do school?

A song for Bean's wedding is coming together. Quite nice and I am happy with it - I hope the bride and groom like it as well as I do. Nice without being too cliched, and I do like the music.

The chickens' end is in sight. Their rate of lay has dropped off to almost nil. Their ultimate end will likely be the stew pot. I don't relish the idea (no pun intended) but they aren't earning their keep and the planned influx of 10 new hens in June will mess up the pecking order. So,they'll make the one-way trip, come back to take up residence in the freezer, and we'll clean and disinfect the henhouse so there are no issues with the next batch. These hens have been good and healthy, but we don't want to take chances. Even R, the chicken girl, is her pragmatic self and is ok with it.

Slowly but surely, things are changing and spring really is coming.

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