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Friday, 18 April 2008

archie the wonder dog strikes again

Without going into too many details, suffice it to say that Archie the Wonder Dog has again become Sam the Mighty Hunter. And the farm is less one groundhog for it. I usually like groundhogs but when they start tunneling under our barns they reach pest status and so practically speaking, Sam did a good job.

On a more positive note, these warm days have been lovely. School is being finished with astonishing speed, the girls egging each other on: "hurry up! It's a nice day and we can go outside when we're finished!"

Yesterday was spent raking the yard, much to the chickens' delight as I stirred up assorted little bugs and such. I also filled in the trench in our yard where last fall we exposed the openings to the septic tank to have it checked and pumped, and then the snow came early and the trench remained through the winter. Oddly enough, my arms and back are sore today.
The days are longer, the sunsets wider across the sky, the house has the sweet smell that only comes from open windows and clothes fresh in from the clothesline. The birds' songs wake me in the morning, the creek's flow can still be heard from the house. The ground is still pretty wet and the gardens can only really be raked right now, but today the chairs will be put back onto the porch and I will sit and enjoy our little bit of quiet.
Then I'll remember how much stuff I have to do.

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