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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

a walk

I decided to walk down the creek yesterday to get a feel for how things are thawing, and just to commune with my land a little bit. Archie the Wonder Dog came along because, after all, it was outside and to him that's the height of excitement.

The creek is definitely high - and very fast, as I watched chunks of ice go racing by faster than I could run - but not yet up to peak levels of a few years ago. Still, there's plenty of snow left to melt. As I headed down, the roar of the falls getting louder, I had to make several detours away from the water's edge as streams had appeared where typically there are none. Any spot of land that was slightly lower had become a channel for the water. I had to skirt well around the main cedar grove, walking in deep snow and slush. Eventually, I found a way across by walking on a tree that had very conveniently bridged the new streams, then proceeded to fall a bit and slice my hand when I reached out for what I thought was a regular branch but turned out to be a thorny sapling. Ah well, a little snow on the wound and off we went. Archie, meanwhile, was gracelessly floundering in the deep snow and sloshing through the water, having a marvellous time.

And the snow! Around the house, it has gone down several feet, to the point that we can see grass in some places (much to the chickens' satisfaction, as they finally leave the coop to scratch and peck). Even with several days' warm temperatures and melting, on my walk I found myself in snow that was still the depth of my legs. And that's deep, with my freakishly long legs. How deep was it after the last storm, I wondered.

I finally reached the falls, and stood in wonder as I watched the water froth and swirl. It's so high that it's more rapids than falls. Loved the sound and the way the water moved so fast in the main part, then quietly sat on the sides, spinning slowly and keeping chunks of ice in their little coves. Found some tracks that looked rather skunkish, but little else. Archie wanted to drink the water but with visions of him taking a header in, I scooped up the icy cold stuff and let him drink from my hands. After a few minutes' enjoyment, I turned home along the water, eventually getting my feet wet when I decided to take the short way back and had to cross the stream.

I'm looking forward to spring. Seeds are being planted today for transplants. I have clothes drying on the line. It'll come.

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Jennifer said...

not freakish.
long and hot and go up to your neck.