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Monday, 31 March 2008

rain, rain, keep coming

It is raining. Forecast for tomorrow: rain. Forecast for Wednesday: rain.

This makes me happy. Nothing like three days of rain to take away snow that has sat over our fields, languorously looking at me like a party guest who just hasn't clued in that they've overstayed their welcome. No matter how I sigh or look at my watch or yawn, it just doesn't take the hint.

Last night for supper we had an "I'm sick of winter" meal: grilled Italian sausage, potato salad, homemade lemonade, and popsicles for dessert. M was very excited about the meal and after we talked about how much we wanted warm weather to come, I said we could watch a movie as we ate, so sent her to choose one. Her choice? Ice Age. Hm.

This week we're back to school as usual, after a week of blistering through Historica projects. Each of the girls did a project and presented it to the group and while none of them were chosen to go on to Regionals, given the short time we had (1 week for research, 1 for putting it all together) I was impressed with what each of them had learned and with their presentation skills. All the projects there were of a very high calibre and it was a fun afternoon. R learned about the New England Planters, a rarely-heard-of group of people who moved from New England to Nova Scotia in the wake of the Acadian Expulsion. One of these land-grabbers was my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather. Yes, really. I counted. Meanwhile, A, spurred on by curiosity as to who the guy is on the $5 bill, learned about the life and political career of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. M did a very good report on the history of the McIntosh Apple and brought some to share with everyone.

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