I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Sometimes I need to get my hands dirty and work, and thanks to a sunny week the girls and I have been spending afternoon time in the vegetable garden, wresting control back from the weeds. It's going well and the progress is good.

The chickens are interested in the worms and caterpillars we find, and do their own bit of scratching. A decided today that pulling up a taproot (often mispronounced "taperoot" which at least beats "tapeworm" that she kept slipping to say earlier) was a satisfying thing. Almost half of the boxes have been tidied, though the remaining ones look to have the most work required, and some of the boxes themselves need repairing. Lots done, lots more to do.

But sometimes I need to leave things alone. Like the ladybug that crawled across my keyboard with the large tuft of dust on its back like a flag or some ungainly cargo. I tried to gently wipe it off but he (she? no idea) would have none of my help. I could have forced the issue, I guess, but I think the world would have been one less ladybug for it.

Knowing the difference can be obvious ... but sometimes it's hard to be sure which is the right thing to do. No answer to that today, just a thought prompted by the wanderings of the dustybug.

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Jess said...

LOL! A dusty bug...too funny. I hear ya, the house hasn't been cleaned in quite some time here...but some dust won't hurt anyone (well I am allergic to it) but it's really not going anywhere!! It's nice that way eh? Waiting for you, ever so patiently. I'm so excited to get some gardening accomplished this year!! Feeding ourselves in more ways than one...that's more important than dust!