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Thursday, 29 April 2010


Yesterday was the Regional history fair; A and M awoke looking forward to the day. They spent it at the Museum of Civilization in this amazing huge hall overlooking the river, visiting with friends, presenting their projects for judges, and taking part in workshops. One hundred fifty projects from schools all over Ottawa were there to be showcased.

After getting them set up I drove waaaay back to the town with the feed store, where 14 little peeping chicks had arrived for us. They were brought home and put under the able care of R before I returned downtown.

On returning, M excitedly showed me a note that had been left on her table by one of the judges, saying that her project on the Canadian Horse was that judge's personal favourite, and giving M three books as a small prize. I thought it was sweet, and her day was pretty much made at that point. Soon after, the kids' choice awards were announced, the kids having voted on their peers' projects, and A won a gift bag from that.

When the real awards ceremony started, I was surprised to hear M's name called as the first winner of an award on behalf of Canada's History Society, which came with a 2-year magazine subscription. She was beaming as she went up. A few more awards were given out and then a Founder's Award, one of several given to kids who showed real enthusiasm in their project, was announced - and M's name was called again. Wish I'd caught the look on her face at that instant. The Military History award was announced, and went to A's Vimy Ridge project, which beat out several excellent ones, including some done by groups and older students. She was ecstatic.

A good day, all in all, for Creekside School. The girls did great work on their projects, knew their material, and - perhaps best of all to the teacher in me - found interest and curiosity in history, and found excitement in sharing what they'd learned with others. Fostering a love of learning, and teaching the ability to communicate well, are two of our goals with homeschooling. A and M did that today.

We returned home to a very peep-y home. A cold front has moved in and so the chicks spent their first crucial night in a washtub on the kitchen table, on a heating pad and with a warming lamp overhead. All fifteen made it through the night. So far so good!

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Jennifer said...

and would they have so well if they had a different teacher?? props mom!