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Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Today we pulled out the summer clothes. The temperatures are consistently warm enough to have some shorts on hand for the kids to wear. All kinds of great shorts and capris were brought out from last year, ready to see the light of a few more warm summer months. Typically, this is when the girls find old favourites ready to put on again.

Not this time: almost none fit A or M. Most of R's were ready to pass down and they fit A nicely, but the younger two had outgrown absolutely everything. A few comments by the girls on how big they were, including some that had me giggling:
daughter: "my waist is in, but then it goes out"
me: "welcome to being a big girl. It will happen more, trust me"
And some that had me realizing that even at their young ages, the media has started to creep in and suggest that their beautiful selves might be less than perfect:
daughter: "this doesn't fit. Am I getting fat?"
me: "your body is designed to be shaped a certain way. We eat good food and exercise so that it can be healthy with the way it is meant to be, but you won't be exactly the same shape as your sister. And that's fine."
It's all yet another tangible reminder of little girls who are growing into young ladies. And once again I find myself reflecting on the passage of time (so fast!) and being thankful for the time we have together (so precious!).

Apparently, some of that time together will soon involve a shopping trip.

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