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Thursday, 6 March 2008

the classics

The girls are discovering the classics. Yes, those age-old, timeless pieces of culture that should be required learning for anyone in society. The mark of all truly genteel persons, the knowledge and stories that continue to delight and to teach the deep things of life.

We have found Teletoon Retro.

They have now experienced Tom & Jerry, Rocket Robin Hood (yes, really! the animation is frightening!), Scooby Doo, and their far-and-away favorite, Looney Tunes.

They are learning the full roster of characters - from Bugs and Tweety to Marvin the Martian and Pepe Lepew. I'm still amazed that they were all voiced by one man, the incredible Mel Blanc.

They are becoming wise in the ways of cartoon logic:
- when one runs off a cliff, they do not fall until someone points it out to them.
- that painting a black spot in solid rock means the good guy can run in, but the bad guy will slam into the rock - or, the corollary, that if the bad guy can enter, a train will always come out of the tunnel and smash him.
- that Acme sells anything you could ever possibly want. Especially Rocket Skates and giant springs.
- that sawing the limb off a tree to make the enemy fall always results in the main part of the tree falling, while the limb stays up.
- a coyote falling from an insanely great height will make a small 'poof' of cloud upon reaching the ground.
- trying to send dynamite via slingshot invariably backfires. Literally.
- that the monster/ghost/witch/vampire/alien is always really the janitor or groundskeeper in a disguise, and he "would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dog".

It just goes to show that for all the modern takes on cartoons, you can't beat the classics.

The rest of this week is finishing up some work (making up for the loss of a day thanks to a migraine on my part. No substitute teachers, unfortunately) and looking forward to March Break next week. We're all ready for a little break from the routine and some days of just having fun.


Anonymous said...

I used to watch Rocket Robin Hood. And Thunder Cats... Tell me they have Thunder Cats? :)
I loved all those shows.

barb said...

Nope, no Thunder Cats. Maybe they'll add it in. Though the cartoons seem to be more the 70s and earlier. Wasn't Thunder Cats more 80s?

sue said...

I can still hear the Rocket Robin Hood song in my head. Scary.