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Saturday, 15 March 2008


My head is swimming.

I've gotten all the stuff I need to send to CCLI (the Christian Copyright License people) that makes my songs 'officially' copyrighted. Song sheets, lyrics, signatures, all is in a neat little pile to be sent away. It's good to have that crossed off my to-do list.

So what do I do with this newfound status? Hm. Well, I'm not in a position to start touring to get my songs more well-known. D and the girls might have something to say about that. What does a songwriter do to get their stuff available to other people? Lots of searching today online has yielded a bit of info, but so much that I don't really know how or where to start.

How does an indie writer get out there? I know the most direct method is to cut my own CD. When I have the many hours and even more dollars needed for that, I'll get right on it. Our church has been singing my music (cool yet strange) and the conferences where I've led have had some, but what else?

And then there's keeping the balance. I think I have it, but that's dangerously like looking down on a tightrope - think you've got balance, and you're starting to tip. I'm not in it for the money. If I were, I'd be in the wrong business. Seems simple enough. But it's not simple.

But I have these songs. And I do think they're good. And I'd like to share them with other people. What, precisely, to do?

This is why musicians and artists have agents. The promo and logistics are screaming at my brain, which is skipping merrily around singing, "la, la, la... ooh, isn't that fun? hey! I have another idea for a song! whee!"


Jennifer said...

one word: Bill

Anonymous said...

Go to the CCN website (Church Communication Network) and search for a church near you that is broadcasting a live simulcast with all your favorite artists. (Chris Tomlin etc.) It airs May 10 and is exactly for people like you!