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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

two out of three

Yesterday was a blur of school and then a rush to the mall, shopping in parts of stores I rarely see. The girls needed dresses for Bean's wedding.

Yes, our dear little girls who live in pajama pants, love camo, have no qualms about getting muddy, and give me that "mooooom!" look when I suggest a skirt, are dressing up. So after searching and searching, nothing in the mall was working. Though the girls did have fun using their saved chore money, M getting My Little Pony (surprise), A getting the newest Bionocle (surprise) and R finally spending something (that was a real surprise). After saving for months for an ipod that she thought she was still $30 from, we stopped in at a store and found them priced within her range. She is now the happy owner of a little green Shuffle.

On the way home I was strategizing, wondering about making something for them to wear, when a chance stop at Winners yielded The Perfect Dresses for A and M. Simple cut, pretty but not over-the-top, A's in a grey damask and M's in a dusty rose damask. Same style and fabric, just different colors. I smiled and did my happy dance inside. Now we just have to dress R. Well, and get shoes. And take in D's suit. And I need a wrap. To wear, not to eat.

At least we have two out of three dresses.

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