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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

sound and lights


No, not country-and-western. I am not a C&W girl.

Real country-style. Last night the fireflies were out in full force, making the nearby field look like someone had snuck in and strung twinkling Christmas lights all around. There are, no exaggeration, thousands out there. The lights, on and off, move about the field as they blink and we could even track the flight of some of the closer ones. I know they are just bugs, but the light is enough that I will perch by a window sill and watch them every night for a while. Our field is a big, twinkly singles bar for fireflies.

The sound, meanwhile, was provided by the local chorus of frogs. We were able to pick out three different types by their calls. From the low rumblings of bullfrogs to the higher pitched leopard frogs, it was a constant stream of sound - the creek is, apparently, also a place for single animals.

Who knew the farm was so sexy?

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Anonymous said...

Washago's quite the happenin' place for singles too. I've been hearing the lovely strains of frogs in love and have also been watching the mating dances of the fireflies. I'm loving it too!