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Sunday, 15 June 2008

the whims of machinery

Our yard is still a hayfield. Not because of the weather, not because we haven't had the time, but for the simple reason that the tractor is misbehaving. No, I haven't lost the key again. Before we went away it had started strangely and quickly overheating, so that mowing had to be done in shifts, going until the needle climbed up to the high section, then stopping it and letting it cool down for a bit. D has worked on it, taken the front panels off to see inside and clean it up so that the tractor looks pretty well naked, but it's beyond his expertise and the tractor manual. And the grass laughs and keeps waving in the wind.

Meanwhile, the pool pump didn't want to miss out on the action and so has not been pumping very well. The water does move, but there's not enough pull to use the suction and vacuum the leaves and such from the pool bottom.

I won't make the mistake of saying, "well, at least the (insert item here) is still working." Whatever it is would hear me and promptly break.

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