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Thursday, 19 June 2008

i'm thinking... ark is looking pretty good right about now.

Today A is 10 years old. We had her birthday family dinner last night (Her request: tortellini tossed with marinara/ricotta and herbs, then baked with mozzarella over top. Brownies made by R over ice cream for dessert) as tonight is busy with tennis lessons and band rehearsal. Her party was scheduled for tomorrow night with an outdoor after-dark plan of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, swimming, catching fireflies, and tag with glow sticks on. Given the forecast, we're shifting to an indoor party with a Webkinz theme. We'll see how that all plays out. She is excited either way to spend the evening with her friends and celebrate her special day. Today's question: How on earth do I make a Webkinz cake?

M had her first (almost) tennis lesson on Tuesday, when rain (again!) meant the court was slippery and unsafe, so it was cancelled. She was excited though to get her racquet. The writeup had said they would be provided, but I imagined a well-used lender, not the sweet little 'Steffi 21' brand new pink junior-size one she's now happily sporting and gets to keep. We'll see what the rain means for tonight's scheduled lesson.

R has been a huge help in the kitchen as we've made lots of jellies to sell Saturday at the Farmer's Market. Much more stock and variety this week as it's the official opening day. I am wondering why, oh why, did I never make pepper jelly before? It's easy and lovely.

And on the extended family front, I have a new niece! She's 3 years old and has just been adopted in South Africa by the B's. The details are on Bee's blog.

Enough thinking. The day is already full and the party change plans are making it more so. On we go.

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