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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

it made me laugh

We've gone to the next level in the rat saga. Poison. While D wants to see a dead rat as sure proof, none of the more mechanical type traps are working. So, while at the co-op yesterday to buy new shavings and chick starter, I picked up some.

This is nasty stuff, Rattak. Don't eat it. Don't let kids near it. Wash your hands. The poison control info takes up the entire side panel. Don't look at it the wrong way. Big 'poison' symbol and warning on the front in both languages.

And then underneath: "contains the allergen wheat".

I immediately pictured an elegant dinner party, the hostess saying, "rat poison canapes?" and the guest replying "oh, darling, I'd love to, but I'm allergic to wheat, you see."

And I laughed.

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