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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

clubs and parties and engagements, oh my!

Clubs: I spent a couple of hours on Sunday night going way out of my usual zone, heading downtown to a nightclub by myself (mucho thanks to D for watching the girlies so I could do this) to see uber-drummer and his band play a set. So I walked into Zaphod's feeling decidedly out of my element, chuckling at how non-homeschool-mom-ish it was, and how I didn't know anyone there, and how much older I was than everyone I saw. And then he saw me and came over, big hug, he was so glad I came out and all smiles, I think a bit surprised I came, and I decided: this was so worth coming. To have someone genuinely glad to see me, not because they need me to do something, but just because I'm there. To show him he's valued and loved. They then proceeded to rock the house - very well-done, very tight, original music though heavier than my usual listening fare. But as a musician I could definitely appreciate the talent the guys have.

Parties: This Saturday night we're hosting the gang from the Sunday morning crew (band, sound, & media) and spouses here for a 'do. I'm having fun this week making appetizers, finally using all these elegant little recipes I have collected and not been able to use. Last night I played with phyllo dough (brie, grannysmith apples, shallots and walnuts. Wow.) and today is Asian dumplings and meatballs for the freezer. I do love to play in my teensy little kitchen.

Engagements: Dear nephew Bean is engaged. To a lovely girl who is a perfect match for him in so many ways. Our families will celebrate their marriage next summer. The girls are ecstatic, D and I are so happy that this special guys has found such a great girl.

So happy. And yet my thoughts jump from there to J. Maybe they were already there (first snow of the winter always takes me there), but I'm sure the leap would have been made anyway. I don't want in any way to diminish how wonderful this is for them. It is precious to find that one who becomes your friend, your partner through life, and so much more.

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