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Monday, 19 November 2007

15 ... nah

I feel like I'm poking my head out of a foxhole to see if the shooting has stopped. All quiet on our front, apparently. Now I just have to clean up after it all.

The conference went well and was another reminder of how humbling leading 750 people in singing can be. Wow. These people, out there on the front lines, all together singing and hearing them was awe-inspiring. It was one of those glimpses of heaven - people of all different backgrounds, from all across the country, united. Wow. And me, I was thinking, "ok, God, You just keep amazing me". It was exhausting, exciting, exhilarating, but above all it was ... what adjective? Awesome. In the literal I-am-awed sense. It wasn't reliant on me. It's good to remember that.

The song I had written was likewise warmly received and people really seemed to connect with it. I now have to find a way to make it available to the many people who asked for it. Again, humbling and awesome. Surreal to hear so many people sing something that came out of my time at my piano (and driving with goaliemom!).

Saturday, we went into town and helped with the final setup for the Santa Claus parade. A team of very dedicated people had been there since early in the morning setting up a couple of floats and our church's van and fun cruiser, which were prepped to hand out hot chocolate and goodies along the route. We arrived mid-afternoon, along with Bee, in time to finish up the sound system setup and the last few lights. A group of four of us sang on the float - very fun. My voice was kind enough to join us for the day. My left eye, meanwhile, had decided to get infected and be all itchy and red. Good thing the parade was after dark or I might have frightened the children. It's fun to just go along, smiling and waving at families. The singing was a bonus.

Yesterday, the cold hit D full force. I think he had managed to stave off the worst of it but spent yesterday afternoon sleeping, then was up for a few hours before heading back to bed for the night.

This week I have hopes of thing getting back to the usual routine. This afternoon is spent digging holes for tomorrow's septic tank pumping (note to self: CLOSE WINDOWS), a few other things in the offing, but we're mostly back to normal.

Whatever that is.

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