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Thursday, 10 June 2010

still at it

Today started running week 4. Yes, I know it's Thursday and so I feel a bit like those companies whose fiscal year starts on March 26th if there's a full moon and it's a Thursday with a rerun of Seinfeld playing. But, the run times carried over skipped days and rather than bypass the process I'm trying to rein it back in and stick to the program rather than the weekday.

Last week it was run 90 sec / walk 90 sec / run 3 min / walk 3 min, then repeat. Not too bad and I admit I was feeling a little confident about it, especially with the sweet new shoes I bought to replace the six-year-old cross trainers I'd been using.

Then I saw this week's schedule: run 3 min / walk 90 sec / run 5 min (eek!) / walk 2 1/2 min, then repeat.

Ugh. But ... I did it. I know I'm still barely running, and 5km still seems crazily marathonic (don't bother looking it up; I'm quite sure I invented that word just now), but I'm seeing progress. Real live progress.

And - don't tell running - but I (gasp!) might be starting to like this.

The flirty mixer, meanwhile, had her first run at cooking yesterday as M made chocolate chip cookies. Worked beautifully. Today it's getting another workout as I complete my first Daring Kitchen challenge. The reveal date is Monday and pics of the yummyness will be up then!


Anonymous said...

I know what it feels like to fun for five min It is hard work!!!.I use the same method run 90 sec walk 90 and so on kep up the great work!!!!!:) Rebekah

barb said...

Thanks for the encouragement :D