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Monday, 7 June 2010


The house is full of dust and plaster-y bits with the wall fixes going on this week. A think coat over everything; I wanted to clean last week but what was the point? There was more every day. But it's worth it. The walls look better even in their splotchy, patched, not-yet-painted state. The ducts that had been visible and teasing me all this time are safely hidden away in the walls.

Tomorrow the cast-iron pipe that's been ... err ... working from the bathroom since plumbing first came into the house some fifty years ago will be removed and replaced with modern pipe, then that wall in the front entryway can likewise be closed up.

Then, the whole house can get a fresh coat of paint. Now that, I can do.

Meanwhile, the hens are indignant at their house arrest, and simply won't listen when we tell them that it's for their own good, having spotted a fox on the laneway and in the yard last week. They just complain when we go over. Yes, hens complain. The chicks are growing well and batch #2 for this summer will be arriving on Wednesday.

The weekend was busy but good and ended with a show in Morrisburg for the Love Dundas event. Went really well, they appreciated it, and I officially hate hockey arena acoustics. D did a great job keeping it under control, but it had that just-on-the-edge feel to it. But, the gang was awesome as always and we had a good time.

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