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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

poultry and bovines

How do I tell my chickens that the weeds, not the veggies, are what they should eat in my garden? They simply do not listen to me. They just look at me, expressions of mild surprise and feigned innocence, then grumble at me when I shoo them away.

We did save my hot pepper transplants from total decimation yesterday, but I fear a fence may be in order.

Meanwhile, some of the older cornish rock chicks have found a way out of their run. What do they do with their newfound freedom? Sit on the other side of the fence, nibbling grass and not quite sure what to do. The second batch of cornish chicks are peeping away in the summer kitchen, content with eating, drinking, and excitedly chasing any bug that wanders into their little world.

The cows arrived, no calves though. I keep checking in the morning to see if any little spindly-legged babies have made their appearance in the night. It's nice to have them out there, though, munching away in the fields.

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