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Monday, 24 May 2010


I'm not a great flower gardener. And I know there are garden critics out there.

I know my little pots are nothing to write home about, but every year I put in some annuals that catch my attention, and hope they grow and make things pretty. This year the girls and I hit the garden centre and found lots of nice little plants. We came home and I had a nice time of solitude putting in the begonias on the shady side of my house. Not a lot of variety, just all sorts of little white flowers peeking from their thick green leaves.

Apparently it's just not right. Some of the hens pulled half of them out today. I put them back, and a few minutes later there she was again, eyeing my arrangement, sneering (okay, maybe not. I know you can't sneer without lips. But I bet she was thinking sneering thoughts) before she reached in, plucked out the hapless flower, and dropped it on the deck.

Perhaps this is the year for all hanging baskets?


Jennifer said...

two words:

shock collars

Unknown said...

Hanging baskets ....or a chicken dinner!!