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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Eight syllables are eluding me.

The song 'Hope' (wanting a better title, not finding one) is done but for eight syllables. I played it for D and realized from his reaction that two little lines in the first verse took the song in a direction I'd not intended.

Ah, the joy/curse of writing something, when your head space is right there. Then someone else hears it and without the context of your head space, it doesn't work. While this can be good - one song having different meanings for different people can be one of those surreal places where the stars line up and all is lovely - it can also lessen the song's strength if the listener sits there, stuck on "huh?"

For the record: but for that, D loved the song.

So now, I repeat lines in my head, trying to find those eight little sounds that will make it complete. If it were prose, I could take my time and set the stage, set the context so that we start from the same place. But it being lyrics, I am tied to a constraints of rhythm and line length that I have set for myself.

da da daa da da da-da da.

How hard can it be?

Hmm ... very.

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