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Thursday, 20 May 2010


I feel like I'm making progress.

Two gardens line the north side (facing the pool) of our house. They were full of the weed-from-hell that is the bane of my gardening existence. While it's not a noxious weed, it goes everywhere and spreads via a network of roots. It comes up first in spring, getting a head start on all the plants I want to see. You'd think it is a nice, lush ground cover ... until it chokes out all the columbines and hostas. I see their little leaves poking through, waving for rescue as they drown. The columbine's flowers look like little rescue flares sent up from a lifeboat.

While D's parents were here they very nicely helped out in the garden, digging and pulling out the weed with the girls. I continued that and while my parents were here after (been a busy month with visitors, and more to come) we tackled the shrubs on the other side.

End result (and I'm wishing I'd taken a 'before' photo) is two gardens that are coming under control. Still much to do, and D still advocates a scorched-earth policy, but it's getting there. Two days ago I moved two plants and added a new cute little shrub that seems happy in its new home. Yesterday the wild roses by the lamppost got a much-needed haircut as R mowed the lawn and the younger girls continued pulling out the roots of that weed. There'll be an ongoing battle against it, but I feel like we've established a beachhead, at least.

Nice thing is, when this is done I can sit out by the pool and not be faced by a garden desperately in need of work and crying "don't sit there, help meeeee!". Well, unless I turn a little to the left... sigh.

Have I mentioned it never ends?

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