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Saturday, 20 March 2010

a rake, a rake

... my kingdom for a rake...

With apologies to Shakespeare and Richard III. Though perhaps in his off-time Richard had a garden that needed cleaning up? You really never know about those literary characters and how they spend their time off. Like in the Looney Tunes episodes with Ralph and Sam, the sheepdog and coyote, talking to each other and being friendly until they clocked in for their jobs and started pummeling each other. What do characters in books do when we're not looking?

But I digress. As usual.

The week's spring weather begged, teased me to come out. It was practically flirting with me. Warm sun melted the snow and the tiny spikes that will be daffodils started peeking out under my kitchen window. Out I went to start working on the vegetable garden as per my resolution, but it was mostly still under water. On to the garden by the house, which needed the leaves to be raked up. Looked in one barn. No rake. Tried another. No rake. Checked all the barns, for there are several (a little P&P Mr. Collins there). Nope. Asked the kids. No go.

Maybe the farm critters stole it... but, for the record, raking with one's hands is neither efficient nor enjoyable.

On the nature front, my open windows now reward us with the sounds of Canada geese returning, red-winged blackbirds and robins staking out their territory, and sweet air. We walked up our muddy laneway yesterday and found what we think is a squirrel skull. Pigeons are trying to roost in our barn, but D (and his shotgun) told them, emphatically, NO.

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