I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

daring to hope for spring

I've tried to avoid it, tried to tell myself that winter will have its last hurrah and that the dripping of melting snow will be replaced by more of the frozen variety before spring truly comes. I am an adult and I shall be realistic. *stifled giggle here*

But alas, I still hope for that first whiff of a spring-y breeze. I stopped to just feel the warm sun on my face the other day as I walked to the creek and listened there to the gurgle of water just under the ice. Sam the dog, as usual, wasn't quite letting me enjoy the peace as he snuffed around the wood pile, likely scaring whatever critter was using it for shelter. Between thoughts of the garden and plans for spring and summer visitors, my mind has skipped happily ahead to the days when the fields will be green again and the creek will flow freely.

Two of the three girls are hard at work on their Historica projects. R has decided to take this year off, after several years of big projects. A, meanwhile, wanted very much to learn about the battle of Vimy Ridge from WW1, and M is busily putting together her work on the history of the Canadian Horse.

I had one of those surreal days last week, when I was interviewed by the lovely EP for an article in the Baptist Horizon. Meeting her via email and phone was a true delight as we discovered many shared interests. What I had thought would be stressful (interview? why me? oh no, think of something witty and deeply philosophical...) turned out to be over an hour's pleasant, laughing conversation with a new friend.

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