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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


M: What kind of cheese is that, Mommy?

me: Blue cheese. Know what the bluey-green stuff is in it?

M: Parsley?

me: Nope. Try it.

M: (tries some) Hmm, I'm not sure. What's the green stuff?

me: Mold.

M: (if I could describe the look on her face, oh, how I would. Not disgusted, more ... baffled. Not sure if she likes the strong taste)

me: Here, try it with a bit of pear.

M: (repeats the look, then pretends to fall over backwards) I'm gonna have this at my birthday party!

I love that our kids will try just about anything. Even cheese with mold in it. Today they were trying their hand at adding Hoisin sauce, Thai hot sauce, and Fish sauce to chicken broth to cook Udon noodles. Cooking by taste and scarfing down the results. Blue cheese at a 10th birthday party will be ... unique.

The downside? I was hoping to have this little wedge of blue all to myself. Oh well.

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Heather T said...

Well done M, I say. Our children are pretty similar. L is having a friend over on Friday and they are going to make Sushi together. B realises when picking his birthday food that most of his friends don't have the same taste as him so he picks differently for the friend-party and the family dinner.