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Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Oh, so THIS is what life with the internet was like. I had forgotten. We are finally, as of noon today, back online at home. The first week was kind of nice, no checking for emails, no sitting in front of Facebook. I did miss blogging though. But by week four it had become tiresome and I felt out of loops that I never knew existed. I have realized that I do indeed rely on internet for much of my communication, both incoming and outgoing.

So today, we are back.

What has happened since my last little post (thanks Seren!)? Well, we could talk about the approach of fall on the farm. We could tell the story of Archie the Wonder Dog meeting a skunk and his subsequent baths in baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. We could hear about our first week of school, currently underway. We could go into the details of our preparations for the local Fair and how much it still amuses me that the local farm Fair has become such a major calendar event for our family. We could hear about the chickens' newfound brave explorations, all the way over to the house now.

That will wait for another day, though.

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