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Monday, 17 September 2007

when does it get normal, again?

You know the kids have gotten their money's worth from bracelet day when they decide on their own that they've had enough of the rides. I think the look on their faces when I said it was time to leave for dance class was something akin to relief. Friday at the Fair was a sunny day, perfect for the Ferris wheel, the Sizzler, and other assorted rides of spinning. I've noticed that that seems to be the general theme of fair rides: spinning. Sometimes even spinning in small circles whilst spinning in larger circles. Spin, spin, spin. No wonder they looked a little green about the gills after a couple of hours. They also enjoyed seeing the horses, cows, sheep, goats, and lots of different breeds of chickens.

Their exhibits did well, each winning something and all happy with what they had done. I even won a ribbon for tea biscuits. We returned on Saturday with D to watch some of the animal shows, but overnight a cold northerly wind had arrived and after an hour of walking around shivering, we decided we'd had enough and went home to do some work around our own farm.

Saturday night also brought the first frost, not enough to kill everything but the zucchini, basil and pumpkin leaves were definitely hit. I'm glad I got most of the beans and tomatoes out on Saturday.

This week is short thanks to a trip to Serendipity's cottage for part of the weekend; the girls and I leave on Sunday afternoon for a road trip week with Goaliemom to visit Bean Boy. Normal week, hmmm. Wonder when.

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