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Thursday, 20 September 2007

on the road again

Tomorrow we're off on a little trip, from which we will return for a quick switch of luggage and the girls and I will head out for a week-long road trip with Goaliemom. My brain is not liking trying to figure out packing for this scenario. I think I am wired to be a homebody: I am very happy when life is blissfully dull.

I had a lovely moment the other day, I had worked all afternoon in the kitchen making applesauce and pie pastry and decided to brew a cup of coffee, featuring some lovely chocolate Arabica brought from Paris by Goaliemom for my birthday. Said cup of coffee accompanied me down to the creek where I sat on an old barn timber that now perches on two rocks to make a bench. I watched the cows in the field across the creek, listened to the wind in the grass, and had that rare feeling of utter contentment that is so sweet and so often elusive. I just hugged the mug in my hands, smiling at nothing in particular, looking around and realizing that yes, we have done a lot of work here, and just enjoying it all.

A new addition to our family deserves mention in this little blog of mine; a hamster now lives with us. The girls wanted to keep a young mouse we caught live, but that didn't work out. However, using their pooled savings and Dad & Mom's okay, they bought a cage and hamster from the pet store. She was quickly christened Willow (Willow Honey Cocoa Hamster, her full name), or as D calls her, Fuzzy McFuzzerton. The girls enjoy her greatly and are convinced that she is the smartest hamster ever to grace this earth.

But back to packing.

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