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Friday, 29 October 2010

so close, so much

I can see the Rockies. When we drove around the city yesterday en route to an event, I literally squealed, "mountains! mountains!" to which D replied, "I think they're clouds". They were indeed the mountains, but pretty far away. So close yet so far away; our schedule won't let us get to see lovely and much-hyped-but-apparently-very-worth-it Banff. Another time.

We've been meeting musicians, networking (schmoozing? sounds too smarmy. These are really nice people to talk to), and yesterday took in a panel critique of songs. One of mine ('Only You') got played and got good feedback. Very encouraging. Interesting that one of the songwriters on the panel picked up that I liked Evanescence from the song. Perceptive of him.

Last night's showcase was fun, nine artists sharing music. Got to chat with some more musicians and - oh, happyness (yes, spelled wrong but looks cuter that way and just 'fits' better) - finally got to meet dear EP and her wonderful hubby, after forging an online new/old friendship that began months ago when EP wrote an article about me. We slipped into talking and laughing like old friends so easily, and went out after for more time together. A lovely end to a day that was certainly a 'so much' day.

Today is a taking-in and connecting day. Tomorrow I perform for the performance competition. But today I can breathe easily, eat without fear of food affecting my singing, and tonight dress up and go to the Covenant Awards with D.

Maybe I'll get another glimpse of those snowy, rocky mountains today.

(ps to E and R, I can't thank you enough for being there last night. I think of it as the first of many meetings. We really must get these provinces to move closer together.)


Anonymous said...


Good luck on the prefomance tonight!

I hope you win!


EMP said...

"So much" is right!

Thanks (so much) for our new/old kinship, HoneyB. Meeting you and Deek was a treat, from the minute we walked into the beautiful room at Richmond Hill and recognised you before you even turned around, to the minute we hugged goodbye (for the severalth time) at Tim's.

We love your voice, Songbird, and got to enjoy it on your lovely gift all the way to Banff and back (with your splendid sister singing backup vocals, me making a joyful noise in the back seat, and even Robin humming to the now familiar tunes).

You have more songs to write, indeed!