I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

home again

Calgary and the GMA week were both amazing, and both left much scurrying around in my mind. Which either means that I'm thinking a lot, or there is plenty of space in there for said thoughts to scurry. I'd like to think the former, though I do wonder sometimes.

The weekend brought opportunities for new contacts, hearing stories and advice from seasoned artists, taking in the Covenant Awards and some great performances. It was a chance at learning in a format I've never experienced before, and both D and I tried to glean all we could from our time there.

One point of clarification that I seem to be getting from the weekend is that I should continue to focus on my writing. I've often thought that my musical strength is more in the writing, and the weekend gave me several little landmarks that pointed me once again in that direction. On the plane ride home, as I pondered this and sorted through thoughts in an internal dialogue, and one sentence came at the end of it all: "you have more songs to write".

And for all the loveliness of the mountains and the vast expanse of blue, blue sky, nothing of the weekend quite compared to the tacklehugs of three very excited girls who awaited us at home. That was blissful. Several days' worth of laundry later, and I'm feeling back to normal.

But really, if we allow things to affect us, whether tragedy or joy, there can no 'back to normal'. We find a new 'normal'. Let's see where this new normal takes us.

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