I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Monday, 13 September 2010


I love fall. While the warm nights of summer give me pause to sigh and enjoy the porch until the mosquitoes discover us, and the promise of spring always fills me with hope, autumn is my favorite season.

On my second run last week, I headed into the cool morning to the sound of geese starting their journey to their southern home. The swallows left us weeks ago, and the starlings chattered in the trees before their departure. Heading up our laneway, I realized that the dipping and soaring Monarch butterflies of a week before had been replaced by quietly falling leaves: the first to give in. One tree had a side of one limb turned a fiery red, as if it had stuck its hand out too far and been burnt for its efforts.

Busy? Yes, As school starts and gives structure to our day, and lessons begin and add kid-ferrying to my evenings, the lazy what-time-is-it-oh-well-I-don't-care days are gone and I must actually keep an eye on the clock most days to ensure that schedules are kept.

Work? Yes, as we dug out a garden by the pool to replace overgrown shrubs with a rock. D found a boulder while excavating under a torn-down barn, dug it out and cleaned it off in preparation for a new above-ground home. It seems to take its change of occupation stoically, going from structural (cornerstone of a century-old log barn) to ornamental (visual anchor of the garden and sometime seat). Work inside, of course, is still calling, but the urgency of outside work speaks more loudly.

Soon, soon, the frost will come. Savor the days while we have them.

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