I hope I never lose my sense of wonder. If that makes me naive, then so be it.

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Everything on every front seems to be coming down to one point, when we leave tomorrow.

The second batch of chicks made their one-way trip yesterday and we now have fifteen more roasters in the freezer. The coop needs to be cleaned today, the grass cut, the laundry done, the fridge cleaned. That's farm.

The display board came together yesterday (a backdrop for my CD table, mostly aesthetic but I like it), we had our last band rehearsal last night and planned the gear transport. Set lists are planned with the usual margin for last-minute changes on the fly. Tonight I meet with the guys who will be leading on one Sunday to go over material I set up yesterday, and make sure that's covered. Need to print charts, lineups. That's music.

A second interview today, either live or being taped. Got the call for that yesterday. And here I thought I could stop thinking. That's promo (and yes, very cool and kinda fun).

Packing. That would help. House watchers arranged, kennel booked.

I'm excited to return to our old stomping grounds, share more Maritime memories with the kids, see family and friends. It will be a very different trip east, concerts and all, but it's exciting.


Heather T said...

I hope it all goes wonderfully, Barb. Enjoy yourself, I know your audience will enjoy the music.

Y said...

What an adventure! Looking forward to hearing how it all plays out.

EMP said...

Humming one of your songs in my heart on this early Tuesday morn. Blessings on your tour!